Will Free Fire Be Closed? Here’s the Fact!

Will Free Fire be closed? This question is now widely discussed among Free Fire players. Because recently there has been another issue that the game made by Garena will close in the near future. Until now, it is still unclear about this information.

Free Fire has been present in Indonesia since 2017. And since then this game immediately rose to fame and continues to be popular today. The more popular the Free Fire game is, it turns out that there are some people who don’t like this game. And made an issue about the game’s closing soon.

Well, in this discussion, Dafunda Game will discuss the truth behind the issue regarding the soon closing of the Free Fire game. Curious about the truth of this issue? Come on, let’s see the full review below.

Will Free Fire Be Closed?

will free fire be closed?
Free Fire | Garena


itself, as a developer who developed the Free Fire game, clearly doesn’t want to close the game in Indonesia. The reason is, Free Fire seems to have been ingrained in Indonesian gamers. Moreover, if it is closed, Garena will lose a very large income.

The issue of closing Free Fire arose because of the many pressures from parents of students who were disturbed that their children were addicted to playing Free Fire. Since online learning started in 2020, according to parents, their children prefer to play Free Fire than study.

Some time ago, several complaints emerged from various parties who felt that Free Fire had a bad impact on children. The Minister of Education responded to the complaint. However, until now there is still no clarity regarding whether Free Fire will soon be closed.


looking at the Free Fire game, which is currently still playable. Chances are this game will not close in the near future. Moreover, Garena has just released Free Fire Max which is an upgraded version of Free Fire. So, it can be concluded that the current issues are HOAX.

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The Reasons That Make Free Fire Difficult To Remove

For the sake of straightening and making certainty of the issue of whether Free Fire will be closed in the near future. We have provided several strong reasons that can explain that Free Fire will not be shut down by the government. There are at least 3 reasons that make Free Fire still playable.

Here are those reasons:

One of the Popular Games

Fire | Garena

The first reason is that Free Fire is a popular game. Many people depend their lives on this game made by Garena. Some become Content Creator, Streamer, and Pro Player of this game. So if this game is removed, many people will lose their jobs.

Therefore, it takes great consideration to close the Free Fire game. We need to see the positive side of Free Fire. So the decision to close Free Fire will cost a lot of people.

Paying Tax

will free fire be closed?
Free Fire | Garena

The second reason for rejecting the issue of whether Free Fire will be closed is about taxes. Garena as the developer of Free Fire every year must pay 10% VAT (Value Added Tax) to the government. That way, Free Fire is a legal game and has obtained permission from the government.

If this game is blocked, the government will lose the largest revenue from the Indonesian e-sports world. Free Fire has a high player base in Indonesia. Thus, the taxes paid by Garena to the government are also quite large. Well, that becomes the obvious reason that Free Fire will not be shut down.

class="ez-toc-section" id="baru-saja-meluncurkan-free-fire-max"/>Just Launched Free Fire Max

will free fire be closed?
Free Fire Max | Garena

As we already know, Garena has just released the latest version of Free Fire, namely Free Fire Max in Indonesia at the end of September 2021. So it is impossible for Free Fire to be closed, because there is a Free Fire game that has just been released. If closed, then Garena will lose big.

The release of Free Fire Max also received an extraordinary response from Indonesian gamers, especially the Free Fire game. They are very enthusiastic about the presence of Free Fire Max in Indonesia, which has been waiting for a long time.

That’s the discussion about whether Free Fire will be closed. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.

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