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ipadguides.id – Recently, Wirda Mansur’s name has been in the spotlight of many netizens regarding false accusations about her studies at Oxford. Not only that, netizens also asked about Wirda’s educational status at Buckingham University, England.

Yusuf Mansur’s son has become a hot topic for netizens after being accused of lying to the public regarding his educational background. Regarding this, Wirda Mansur also opened his voice to provide clarification.

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Wirda Mansur’s Clarification

Portrait of Wirda Mansur (Photo: People’s Mind)

The 20-year-old woman gave her clarification regarding the accusation of lying about her educational background through an Instagram Story upload @wirda_mansur (24/02/2022). In his clarification, Wirda denied that he only studied at three campuses.

“So, yes, many people say, they say I study in three campuses. Yes, that’s a lie, but actually not three but four, say. So it seems that if they find out that I’m studying in four, well, I think they will…” said Wirda with a laugh.

Wirda also explained about his educational background. Starting from 2017, he took the International Baccalaureate (IB) at Oxford. However, it turned out that his education at the campus was not completed.

Then Yusuf Mansur’s son returned to Indonesia and enrolled at Raffles University. While providing clarification, Wirda also showed a number of evidences of the schedule of courses that he took for three semesters.

Meanwhile, Wirda revealed that in 2018 he took a leave of absence or gap year and decided to rest for a year. Then, he admitted to re-registering at The University of Buckingham (UoB) UK in 2019.

Then he again showed his class schedule while he was a student at the prestigious university. Wirda explained that he majored in Business Enterprise, then also took double degree at the Daarul Qur’an Institute Jakarta.

“This is the schedule. I majored in Business Enterprise. Besides that, I also took a double degree at the Daarul Qur’an Institute. So take two, in the UK and here,” he explained.

From his clarification, Wirda hopes that his explanation can answer the curiosity of netizens about his educational background.

“Just pray, that’s the point. Now I’m on leave,” said Wirda.

Previously, the controversy about Wirda Mansur arose through a tweet from a citizen via the Twitter account @strawbeelly. In his upload, he revealed that Wirda lied by writing down her educational background at Oxford via LinkedIn.

Sorry I have to say this, Wirda Mansur is totally a wild one. On Linkedin, I wrote that I studied at Oxford, the highlight is different again, and the fact is that my father’s university is dewe.,” he tweeted.

Wirda Mansur’s clarification after being accused of lying about his lecture at Oxford

That’s a review of Wirda Mansur’s clarification who was accused of public deceit regarding his college background at Oxford.

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