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ipadguides.id – Sunday (30/1/2022) a car stirred the residents of Ciamis, West Java. The Kijang Kapsul car plunged into a 25-meter-deep ravine in the Pasir Haur Simpar Panjalu Block, at 09:00.

As a result of this fatal accident, 2 people died and the rest were injured. One of the dead was a driver.

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Accident Chronology

Car accident at Simpar Panjalu Gorge, West Java (Photo: TribunNews)

Initially, this car was intended to deliver students studying at Siliwangi University or Unsil Tasikmalaya. The car contains a group of family members of Dusun Cijau, Sindagpanji Village, Cikijing Majalengka.

When on the way down to Panjalu, the brakes of this deer car failed, causing the car to go straight to the ravine in Simpar Panjalu.

According to reports, five children were injured. Not only that, other passengers were also seriously injured and two people in the group died. According to information from Iptu Yaya Koswara, Panjalu Police Chief, 10 other people were injured.

“That’s right, two people died. Meanwhile, students who will be delivered to Unsil Tasikmalaya are safe, only suffering from injuries,” he said.

“Not only that, there were ten other people who were also injured,” added Iptu Yaya.

The car numbered E 1737 T brought a group from Cikijing Majalengka to Tasikmalaya. From that trip the car also passed the Sukamantri highway, Panjalu.

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Then, when there was a bend, the car fell into a ravine up to 25 meters due to a failed brake. This accident is a single accident.

The car went into the ravine too far to approach the resident area of ​​the Pasir Haur Simpar Panjalu Block. Mamat was the driver and Mrs. Een (a passenger) was killed.

Another passenger suffered serious injuries to fractures as a result of the collision when the car went into a ravine. From this incident, residents and authorized officers evacuated the victim to the nearest hospital.

The officers also escorted Unsil student, Wapa Aulia (20) to his family from the Friday Block, Sindangpanji Village, Cikijing Majalengka. Meanwhile, the car that fell into the ravine is still in the process of being evacuated using a crane.

Launching from TribunJabar, this incident has been directly handled by the Laka Unit, Ciamis Police Traffic Unit.

Woe! Car from this family group enters the abyss, 2 people die

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