Wonder Woman 3 is in the works

Wonder Woman, one of the characters in the DC comics, will definitely get a second sequel. Director Patty Jenkins himself announced directly about the project through the DC FanDome event some time ago.

Gal Gadot will once again play Diana Prince, the queen of the Amazon islands in the second sequel to Wonder Woman. Previously, Wonder Woman has released two films. With the first film being in 2017 and the second film being released last year.

It’s been confirmed, but there’s no further information

Patty Jenkins (left) & Gal Gadot (right) | cbr

At the DC FanDome 2021 event some time ago, DC announced several of their upcoming projects. One of them is the second sequel to Wonder Woman which was immediately announced by the director (Patty Jenkins).

Launching Deadline, Patty Jenkins and Lynda Carter gave their feedback regarding the process of working on the third Wonder Woman film.

We’re really excited about Wonder Woman 3. It’s a shame that Gal (Gadot) can’t be here because she’s working on another project. That said, all three of us are excited that Wonder Woman 3 is coming soon.

Patty Jenkins Deadline

Although the work has been confirmed, until now there has been no definite information and information regarding the cast and release date of the third Wonder Woman film.

Sales figures for the previous two Wonder Woman films

Posters of Two Previous Wonder Woman Movies | Warner Bros

Previously, Wonder Woman has released two films. That is his first film (Wonder Woman) which was released in 2017. Then followed the first sequel (Wonder Woman 1984) at the end of last year.

At the time of its release, the first Wonder Woman film managed to gross up to 821 million dollars. Unfortunately, the success of the first film was not followed by Wonder Woman 1984, which grossed only $166 million worldwide.

The decline occurred because Wonder Woman 1984 aired during the COVID-19 pandemic. So that most theaters in America are closed, even in the cities of Los Angeles and New York which are the locations of the Box Office market.

Although not following the success of the first film, Wonder Woman 1984 in fact managed to become a film that is so in demand on the HBO Max service. As many as 32 percent of HBO Max subscribers watched Wonder Woman 1984 which was released last Christmas.

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