Words of Vexana (Revamp) Complete with Meaning – Mobile Legends

Words of Vexana (Revamp) Complete with Meaning - Mobile Legends

Here are the latest words spoken by Vexana – The Shimmer of Hope after the revamp update in Mobile Legends. Vexana is a Mage hero specializing in Poke and Control.

This Vexana has the ability to summon the Little Lord to war.

Words of Vexana (Revamp) Complete with Meaning - Mobile Legends

Okay just go ahead, these are the words of Vexana Mobile Legends.

Hero Selection Saat

Hope will find a way even when all is forlorn.
Hope will find a way even when things are concerning.

When Vexana Move

Till Ridgeburg breathes again.
Until Ridgeburg breathes again.”

I was supposed to marry him, in this gown….
“I should have married her, wearing this dress...

There’s no farther for us to fall.
We will not fall any further.

It is love that keeps us “alive”.
“Love is what keeps us “alive”.”

This is not the end for us!.
“This is not the end for us.”

Tears and laughter, such extravagant graces.
“Tears and laughter, such a great grace.”

For one day Necrokeep will bathe the daylight!”
“For one day the Necrokeep will be bathed in the sun!

Mind your steps, visitor, for Necrokeep is cold and hostile.
“Watch your steps visitor, this Necrokeep is cold and unfriendly.

I’ll be the beacon that guides Necrokeep through the dark.”
“Death is not the end.”

I will be the beacon that guides the Necrokeep through the darkness.”
“I honor my oath, even in death.”

There are memories time does not erase.
“There are memories that time can’t erase.

The silence of Necrokeep is too cold, too loud…
The Necrokeep’s silence was too cold and too loud…

It is a blessing to bloom, and to wither….
“It is a blessing to bloom and wither.”

When Vexana kills Lord

Some sacrifices are necessary
“Some sacrifices are necessary

Anything for Necrokeep
“Anything for Nerokeep

When Vexana Interacts with Leomord

May there be light in your life
“May there be light in your life

When Vexana Interacts with Faramis

You’ve lit up my path.
“You have lit my way.

When Vexana kills the enemy

Life wasted
“Life in vain

Think twice before you lay your fingers on us.
“Think twice before you touch us

When Vexana buys gear

Does it expire?.
“Can this expire?

If it helps.
“If this helps.

In memory of the fallen.
“In memory of those who have passed away.

When Vexana attacks

Shame on you.”
“No shame.


For the fallen!
“For those who have passed away!

For Necrokeep!
“To Necrokeeps!

When Vexana casts a skill

“Be afraid!

Taste the despair!
“Feel the despair!

When Vexana issues Ulti

We hold our ground!
“We defend our homeland!

Time After Recall

My people are calling to me.”
My people call me.

I need to tend to my people.
I have to take care of my people.

When Respawn

Such a painful goodbye.”
What a painful farewell.

Despair will be dispelled.
Despair will be removed.

When Dead

My watch won’t stop…”
My surveillance won’t stop…

[menggeram kesal]”

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Those were the sentences spoken by Vexana in the game for those of you who might be curious.

Source: Fandom

These words may change, decrease or increase, depending on the update by the developer. If something is not correct, please help correct it. Thank you very much.

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