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I quite often go back and forth from Jakarta to Bandung due to work. And every time I go to Bandung, I always want to try a different inn.

This time I tried the hotel Sheraton which is located in the Dago area, still in the middle of the city, precisely on Jalan Ir. H Juanada.

I’m very interested in the three leyeh-leyeh spots by the onion-shaped pool. Cute and adorable. So it feels more like a resort than a hotel. But when I stayed there, I saw some uncles in company uniforms having meetings and some kind of outbound training, I remembered that this hotel can also be a good business hotel.

My room is located in a different building with the rooms by the pool. So it’s quieter and more comfortable. There is a balcony facing north of Bandung. From my room I can clearly see Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, Burangrang, and the hills around Dago.

Let’s take a tour of my room first.

This room is hard to work, I want to sleep :p
In the morning… well, what a mess, what do you do?
The glass in the sink is cute
I love this bedside chandelier
Love the flowers! Reminds me of Bandung which is a flower city
Pretending to be busy
The view from the balcony.
Big glass to the roofs at the entrance
Can make reading handsome.

As expected from a five-star hotel room, the detailing is good. The lighting is good, during the day you can get direct light from the glass door with views of the green hills, although you can also see the houses of residents under the hill. Sometimes you can see their activities drying clothes or children playing ball. Anyway, it’s really long to see this way. I prefer this room over the one by the pool.

My room is parallel to the Tower’s lounge. I love this place to relax while working open the laptop. This is a very comfortable place to write or blog! The atmosphere is leafy and calm. There is an original fireplace that looks very classic.

Also, every 4 to 7 pm, there are snacks for you to snack on, or cocktails for those who like it.

My favorite table in tower’s lounge
snack first…
Just a little more diet… #eh

This hotel is very close to places in Bandung that are currently popular: The cliffs of the palace and the Armor Coffee Cafe which are located inside TAHURA (Ir. H Juanda Forest Park)

To get to these two places is very easy from the Sheraton. It only takes 5 minutes to drive, you will definitely arrive if you’re not in a traffic jam. If it’s a weekend morning, it’s better to walk to the top while exercising hehe.

Cliff palace
Armor Coffee Bandung
Good friends, good coffee

To get to the Keraton Cliff from the Tahura gate, take the road up to Warung Bandrek. This place is very popular for cyclists. When I was in college, this was my favorite place to spend Sunday mornings with spicy gehu and rosella flower tea.

Back to the hotel. This time I want to talk about the swimming pool. Don’t forget that this is Bandung, so don’t be surprised if the water is very cold! If you are a person who usually lives in the highlands, this is not a problem. But if you live in arid Jakarta everyday, get ready to shiver a little! Even so, splashing here after walking up the cliffs of the palace feels very refreshing.

Morning pool
It’s cool to work while relaxing

For food, sheraton bandung always has typical flower city food which is served alternately. At breakfast I found baso tofu and even cimol!

I tried several a la carte menu. For food, I highly recommend the oxtail soup for Indonesia and the salmon steak for the western menu at the hotel restaurant.

Baso know
This oxtail soup is highly recommended
My kind of breakfast
The salmon steak is also a winner

The oxtail soup has very tender and not dry meat, the gravy is savory but not sharp, it makes me feel good. The lime juice also makes this soup even fresher. Coupled with large sweet carrot pieces, the cold nights in the city of Bandung become warm.

Overall, the Sheraton Bandung is a form of hotel that I like. The shape is similar to a resort, but the location is in the middle of the city. For a staycation it is quite comfortable, for a family it is very comfortable, for business meetings it is also suitable, even for birthday parties or weddings it is also adequate. And for me, this place is the place workcation which is fun. I highly recommend.

Book the hotel here!

Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers

Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 390, Bandung, West Java 40135, Indonesia

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