Wow, because of what? – Student Zone – A private university student in Banten hanged himself at his home, whose address is Encle Village RT 001 RW 005, Buaran Mangga Village, Pakuhaji District, Tangerang Regency.

Pakuhaji Police Chief AKP Dodi Abdurohim when contacted confirmed that the young man had died by hanging himself.

“Yes, that’s right, yesterday (Friday, 16/4/2021) we received the report around 8 pm but it happened around 2 pm, when we went to the TKP the victim had already been buried,” said AKP Dodi, Saturday (18/4/2021). ).

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Chronology of Events

Illustration of hanging himself (Photo: Liputan6)

The victim with the initials MM was first found dead by hanging himself by his older brother, who was trying to fix a broken AC.

When found, the victim was already dead and hanging by a rope in the hallway of his house.

“At that time, the family who knew that the victim had hanged himself immediately put him down and was taken to Pakuhaji Hospital. However, the victim had died before receiving medical treatment,” said Dodi.

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Causes of Hanging Yourself

Illustration of hanging himself (Photo: Lampungpro)

Based on family information, the victim was desperate to hang himself because of depression. He has a history of sinusitis for almost two years which has not improved.

Then, the family has made a statement not to investigate and conduct an investigation into the youth’s death.

“The family has made a statement not to investigate and admit that they have sincerely accepted the disaster,” said Dodi.

Private College Student Found Hanging Himself, Friend Zone: Wow, Because of What?

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