Wow how are you? – Student Zone – The Bangli Regency Government has a scholarship program for outstanding students. However, since two years the program has stopped. These outstanding scholarships are intended for students who are studying at several state universities (PTN) both in Bali and outside Bali.

However, the scholarship was distributed in 2018. Meanwhile, for 2021 it will still be discussed.

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Receive IDR 1 Million Per Month

Picture of Acting Head of Bangli Education, Youth and Sports Agency Dewa Agung Putu Purnama (Photo: Bali Tribunnews)

The Acting Head of the Bangli Youth and Sports Education Office, Dewa Agung Putu Purnama, explained that the last scholarship was distributed in 2018. In 2018, there were 73 recipients. Each month the student receives Rp. 1 million.

“In a year, the scholarships received are Rp. 12 million. The scholarships are directly transferred to the account of each recipient,” said Dewa Agung Putu Purnama, Thursday (8/4/2021).

The absence of scholarships in 2019, due to other activities being prioritized. Meanwhile, in 2020, it will also stop, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“Last year (2020) there was a budget refocusing. Therefore, the distribution of scholarships has stopped,” explained Dewa Agung Putu Purnama.

Then, for the 2021 scholarship, there will still be a re-discussion. Because, still in the Covid-19 pandemic situation and the local government is also doing refocusing budget.

“We are still discussing this. We will certainly convey what the results will be,” said Dewa Agung Putu Purnama.

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Pictures of outstanding students (Photo: Dhyana Pura University)

For Students GPA 3.5

This merit scholarship is intended for outstanding students with a 3.5 GPA. In addition, there are several majors that they can choose, one of which is art.

“This scholarship targets outstanding students with agreed majors and are Bangli residents who live in difficult areas,” said Dewa Agung Putu Purnama.

Scholarship Program for Outstanding Students Stopped, Friend Zona: Wow, what’s this?

That’s a review of the scholarship program for outstanding students that was stopped.

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