Wow, it turns out that these are the 5 main principles that make Mark Zuckerberg successful, what are they? – Student Zone Hello, Zone Friends! Mimin wants to introduce someone to you, surely you are already familiar. Who doesn’t know Mark Zuckerberg? A founder of the Facebook application, one of the applications that is widely used by the world community. His name is also as famous as the application he made.

Plus he was successful at a fairly young age, this is what makes many young people use his story as an inspiration. Moreover, there are many things that Mark has to go through, in achieving his success. There are five principles that he applies, what are they? Let’s see Mimin’s tips below!

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Simple and Generous

Picture of Mark with his wife (Photo: Daytondailynews)

The success that Mark Zuckerberg achieved did not make his figure arrogant, with his success Mark chose to live a simple life. Even for the vehicle he uses, he prefers to drive a Volkswagen compared to other luxury cars.

Even Mark himself is often seen wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans. He is also a billionaire and philanthropist with his wife, Priscilia Chan, they have donated billions of Rupiah to various charities.

Solid Team

Picture with the Facebook team (Photo: Okezone)

The principle that Mark Zuckerberg instilled is, “if we have a good team you will definitely develop for the better too” in addition to having quality employees, you also need to have a broad view.

That is why when recruiting employees, it is very selective and careful. In fact, it is not uncommon for Mark to jump in directly to recruit him. Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, said Mark was very open to criticism. If he receives criticism, he will immediately discuss it with Sandberg to find a solution to the problem.

Great Curiosity

Image of Mark reading a book (Photo: Cantiktempo)

Mark’s curiosity which is quite big also influences him to continue learning, Mark himself is so fond of reading books. Usually after reading a book, he will discuss with his community on Facebook to exchange ideas.

Because for him, reading books will get a lot of new ideas, which will appear and also add to his insight.

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Take a chance

Image of Mark expressing his opinion (Photo: Liputan6)

One of the keys to Mark’s success is also because he dared to take the opportunity and was not afraid to fail. Mark chose to do a lot of experimenting while leading Facebook.

Because for him a failure does not mean you can not achieve success. Because actually from these failures there are many lessons to be learned. By evaluating each problem that occurs.

Clear Mission

Image of Mark saying his mission (Photo: Liputan6)

The last principle is a clear mission, because having a clear and good mission is one of the success factors for Facebook. For Mark, the mission is as important as the business itself, when he founded Facebook, he had a social mission, namely to make the world more open and connected.

Wow, it turns out that these are the 5 main principles that make Mark Zuckerberg successful, what are they?

Well, for all of you Zone Friends, maybe you can apply the 5 principles that Mark Zuckerberg did, good luck. I’m going home first!

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