Wow! Join the Independent Student Exchange, Can Get 20 Credit Conversions – Student Zone – The Ministry of Education and Culture launched the Independent Student Exchange Program as a form of implementation of the Independent Learning Campus (MBKM) policy. This program aims to build a sense of tolerance among students, through meeting spaces formed through student exchange activities and exploration of Indonesia’s cultural diversity.

Love for the homeland and strengthening competence are valuable assets for students in climbing the career ladder. In addition to preparing themselves as future leaders of the nation and serving the nation and state.

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Independent Student Exchange Registration

This program targets 20,000 (twenty thousand) students in the odd semester of the 2021/2022 academic year. Prior to registration for students, registration will be opened for universities and lecturers in April 2021.

Registration for universities and lecturers will take place on April 19-28 2021. Meanwhile, registration for students will take place in July 2021. Director General of Higher Education Nizam said this program allows for inter-island student exchanges from PTN to PTS and vice versa.

Universities are required to provide conversion and recognition of the semester credit system (SKS) of 20 credits for students who take part in this program. This program can be followed by students from semester three to semester eight.

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Indonesian Cultural Exploration

Pictures of traditional Balinese dances (Photo: Kompas)

In addition to providing students with the opportunity to study at other campuses, in this program students will explore the diversity of Indonesian culture through learning the Nusantara Module.

Within the Nusantara Module, there are four main types of activities. First, the Diversity Activities where students participate in various exploration activities for diversity in the receiving university area.

“We advise students to take all the courses offered by the receiving college. However, if there are mandatory courses that still have to be completed at the original university, or if students are interested in taking superior courses at other universities, this is possible through online learning,” continued Nadiem.

For more information about registering for this program, you can access the link and follow the official Instagram account @PertukaranMahasiswaMerdeka.

Wow! Join the Independent Student Exchange, You Can Get 20 Credits Conversion

That’s a review of the Independent Student Exchange program which provides many benefits, one of which is the conversion of 20 credits. Keep your spirits up and don’t miss this golden opportunity, OK!

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