Wow! This Grandpa is the Oldest Graduate of ITS but his GPA is 4.00 – Student Zone – There was something interesting about the 123rd graduation of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS). How not, there is one participant who is 58 years old. Not only being the oldest graduate, Ir. Wahju Herijanto, MT.

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Successfully Achieved a High GPA

Illustration of A grade (Photo: Finansialku)

also managed to achieve a perfect GPA, namely a 4.00 GPA by completing a doctoral study program (S3) at the ITS Civil Engineering Department. Apparently, Wahju’s motivation for wanting to get a doctorate was because he was a lecturer by profession. Right in 2013, when he was 50 years old, Wahju felt that higher education would be very useful to improve his academic abilities.

“No knowledge is useless, and I’m starting to enjoy the process,” Wahju said.

Although it was difficult at the beginning, gradually Wahju began to feel that studying was not just a requirement, but he believed that in every knowledge, there are always benefits. According to him, every time there are assignments and exams that he bears, Wahju always completes them in earnest.

In addition, the publication of the Scopus Q2 indexed journal that he succeeded in spawning was also one of the factors that supported his perfect GPA. However, Wahju was able to achieve a GPA of 4 which also required extra struggle. Because, he must be able to divide the time between his obligations as a student with his duties at work.

“When I feel tired, I usually sleep for a short break,” said the man who also works as a lecturer at the ITS Civil Engineering Department.

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Supervised by Two Lecturers at Different Colleges

Illustration of Universitas Brawijaya (Photo: Liputan6)

This is because Wahju in doing his dissertation must be guided by two lecturers at different universities, namely ITS and Brawijaya University (UB). The location which is far from each other is a challenge for Wahju. To do guidance, distance and time are obstacles that must be overcome.

“Finding the right time for mentoring is a challenge for me,” said the father of two.

However, the support from loved ones always fueled his enthusiasm to keep fighting. His wife, children, and grandchildren are Wahju’s reasons for not giving up.

“Besides that, colleagues also always encourage me to finish this education as soon as possible,” he said full of emotion.

Wahju’s message This grandfather of one grandson advised students his age and younger to stay enthusiastic, not to give up easily, not to procrastinate. This is so that these students can graduate on time and get a cum laude degree.

No less important besides academic obligations, health is also a much more important factor. If the two cannot go hand in hand, health must come first. This is like the experience recounted by Wahju who had to be late for graduating from his undergraduate program (S1) due to illness and had to take time off.

“It’s okay to be busy, but don’t forget to always take care of your health,” the message from the grandfather with a 4 GPA.

Wow! This Grandpa is the Oldest Graduate of ITS but his GPA is 4.00

Friend Zone, that was the news about the grandfather who became the oldest graduate of ITS with a GPA of 4.00.

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