Wow! This startup from Surabaya will go to Silicon Valley

Last December 20, the top three best start-up teams were announced, now Start Up Sprint has reached the round of determining the winner. Where one of the best teams will get not only 50 million rupiah but also the opportunity to visit Silicon Valley, United States to learn firsthand and exchange experiences with world-class technology industry players. Silicon Valley is home to hundreds of start-ups and global technology companies, including Google, Facebook, which are located in the Bay Area, San Francisco, United States.

The three best Start Up Sprint teams are Riliv, Masaku / DeliHome, and Reblood. They have gone through a journey of approximately four months, after previously defeating more than 100 other start-up teams in the initial round to then take part in a series of bootcamp and mentoring activities.

These three start-ups came from three different problem backgrounds. First, Riliv is a social media specially designed for people who are facing psychological problems to share their problems directly with psychology students and professional psychologists called Reliever. Masaku/DeliHome is a food delivery application that connects housewives/SMEs who sell food with potential buyers and is sent by the Masaku/DeliHome team. Lastly, is Reblood,

an application that aims to create conditions where PMI’s blood stock is always available by connecting PMI and blood donors. They are able to show the sensitivity of young people in Surabaya to social problems in society by presenting solutions through technology.

Yansen Kamto, as CEO of Kibar and one of the initiators of Start Surabaya said that the Start Up Sprint was carried out as an advanced stage to encourage the development of the technology start-up ecosystem in Surabaya, after previously Start Surabaya had successfully run co-working spaces, mentoring programs and networking sessions since January 2015. .


one of the teams leaves for Silicon Valley in mid-January 2016, the three start-ups are gathered in one session, Open Judging where the judges are mentors and initiators from Start Surabaya. They are Anto Motulz (Founder and Editor of Motzter Think Creative), Sagad Gaddafi (Co-Founder of 8village), Wicak Hidayat (Editor of Kompas Tekno and, Danton Prabawanto (CEO of PT Beon Intermedia) and Yansen Kamto (CEO of Kibar). The panelists asked personal questions and what steps the three start-ups would take in the future.

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At the end of the session, Yansen Kamto who represented the other judges announced that one team that became the Start Up Sprint ambassador to go to Silicon Valley was Masaku/DeliHome. Masaku/DeliHome are considered to have a far-sighted vision, a solid team, continuous execution, a commitment to struggle, and a heart for the start-up they create.

Start Up Sprint, masaku, delihome, Start Surabaya
The Masaku/ DeliHome team will represent Silicon Valley

Congratulations to Masaku/DeliHome.