Wow, what’s this? – Student Zone – The University of Indonesia Student Executive Board or BEM UI said clashes between residents and the Pancasila Youth organization in Pancoran, South Jakarta were caused by land issues.

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PT Pertamina land

Land illustration (Photo:

In its press release, BEM UI stated that PT Pertamina claimed to own the land on Jalan Pancoran Buntu II and forced the residents who live on the land to leave by deploying heavy excavators.

Before the clashes broke out on Wednesday afternoon and last night, company representatives had asked residents to send representatives to mediate.

“Residents and solidarity reject this because mediation has only resulted in intimidation and threats to sign a letter of acceptance of kerohiman (compensation money),” reads a press release from BEM UI.

After receiving the rejection, the company finally left the location and took the excavator. However, police officers were seen still at the scene.

“At 18.30, mass organizations began to gather in front of the portal. Citizens and solidarity persist,” the press release said. The organization referred to here is Pemuda Pancasila.

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Provoking Citizens

Illustration of citizen provocation (Photo: Geloranews)

Towards midnight or around 10 p.m., members of the Pemuda Pancasila organization began to provoke residents who were on guard at each entrance to Pancoran Buntu II. The climax, suddenly the Pancasila Youth Organization began throwing stones and resulted in clashes.

Police officers on guard then fired tear gas at the settlement. This made the handling of victims of clashes who were hit by stones become chaotic.

“Access for aid who wants to enter the medical post is difficult to reach because all entrances are tightly guarded by the authorities,” reads a press release from BEM UI.

As a result of the clashes, as many as 22 residents suffered injuries, including 15 minor injuries and 7 seriously injured. One resident with serious injuries even had to be rushed to the hospital.

Responding to accusations that the police helped the Pemuda Pancasil mass organization attack the community, Pancoran Police Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Iptu Supardi denied it. He said the police presence was only there to break up the clashes.

In addition, Supardi explained that the Pemuda Pancasila organization involved in the clashes was not from the Pancoran area.

“There are no mass organizations here, yes. So it’s definitely not from here,” Supardi said

Up in arms! Pancasila Youth Clashes vs Pancoran Citizens, Friend Zone: Wow, What’s This?

Friend Zone, it turned out that that was the cause of the clashes that occurred, I hope this dispute will end soon.

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