Yati Surachman Desperate to Change Religion Secretly, Turns out this is the reason


Senior artist Yati Surachman has gone through a long spiritual journey. Since he was a teenager, he decided to convert secretly without his parents knowing. What made Yati so sure?

In undergoing the spiritual process, Yati Surachman’s experience was not spared from his childhood. Not long ago, the movie star Dilan 1990 revealed his life story when he converted from Islam to Christianity, Mother

This was revealed by Yati Surachman in a YouTube show. HiMom have contacted the owner of the YouTube channel The Miracle of Life and was allowed to write the story of Yati Surachman’s spiritual journey.

Since she was a child, Yati Surachman grew up in a Muslim family who strongly adheres to religious values. The woman who was born on August 8, 1957, lives as a Muslim woman who prays 5 times a day. Yati has even finished reading the Qur’an, Mother.

Yati Surachman decided to convert after witnessing the miracle that happened to the Christmas tree. Yati said that she began to gain an interest in Christianity after seeing her neighbor’s routine of decorating trees before Christmas.

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This interest arose when Yati was 12 years old, Mother. Yati who is still a teenager often pays attention to her neighbor when she is decorating the Christmas tree.

“Incidentally, there are Christians in my parents’ home area, so I often play there at Christmas. How come I am amazed at the Christmas tree. I feel that the Christmas tree is beautiful,” said Yati Surachman, quoted from the YouTube channel. The Miracle of LifeMonday (21/2/22).

Yati, who at that time was the eldest of 5 children (now 8), often felt the heavy burden of responsibility as an older sister. But when he saw the Christmas tree, the burden seemed to be gone, Mother.

“I saw a Christmas tree, I didn’t complain. Why is this really a beautiful Christmas tree,” he said.

Yati said the tree was not an ordinary Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is so simple, Mother. Yati’s neighbors only take advantage of the star fruit tree in front of their house.

Before Christmas, he often helps his neighbors to decorate the tree. Yati, who really likes to make crafts, was so happy to decorate the tree with her creations. One day, he discovered the magic of the tree. Read on the next page, Mother.

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