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This article was written for a photo album to share in the Bandung Photo Hobby Community (HFB).

The idea for this post came from a friend’s comment on my photos.

“Ah, no wonder your photo is good, wir. The photo is taken to a faraway place and it’s already a cool place”

My friend is not wrong, but also no completely true. Look, I assume the subject in the landscape photo is light. Light that will form lines, shapes, colors, patterns formed naturally by nature.

So, landscape photos are you can do practically anywhere!

For example, by chance, near my boarding house around south Bandung, there is a complex area surrounded by large rice fields. Call it Cikoneng. HFB friends have been there.

Because the place is close, I often hunt sunrise there. Also quite often with the mimin Dedi Erfiadi because his house is also close by.

The place is actually not very good, messy, when viewed during the day. But if we could wake up earlier, the scenery here would be completely different!

If we look at Ansel Adams, the father of world landscape photography, most of his photographs are in the Yosemite valley. Not because of anything, but because his house was there.

People said photography is the art of seeing, This is where I train my eyes for landscape photos.

These photos are not very good, but enough to satisfy me. Most were taken with a Nikon D40 and kit lens.

This is one of the views of Cikoneng in the morning. Deep blue color in the sky due to the CPL filter
I came back on a different day, and also earlier. The place is still the same.
And, if you are observant, many interesting foregrounds can be captured. This is the face of dayeuhkolot 😀
The sun changes position throughout the year. Because I often go there, I get a different position of the sun.
I rarely go there in the afternoon. However, the result was not too bad.
Or you can do panoramic too. Explore at will. If the place is close, it’s delicious 😀
Or if you are bored you can change places, just slide 20 meters from the previous place
Or come back the next day, get a bonus fog. In this way we will understand the color and quality of light and the effect of changes in nature on the results of the photo.

If you’re bored with landscapes, you can dive into the rice fields and have lots of human interest photo opportunities
This is the appearance of the Cikoneng street. Previous photos were taken from just along this road.
I have hundreds of reflection photos like this one, with different objects and colors 🙂
and also like this.. I swear! It’s really bad here during the day! 😀
I often find photos that are somewhat ‘abstract’ like this. Limited by imagination 🙂

No, I’m not inviting friends to hunt here. What I want to convey is that landscape photos can be taken anywhere, not only places that are already beautiful, such as Bromo for example. It all depends on how we process something that is already available.

In fact, I think this applies not only to landscape photos. But also for other types of photos. It is not the subject that determines whether the photo is good or not, but ourselves.

The most important thing is our passion. High curiosity and of course extra patience.

Happy shooting!

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