YouTube Video Production Equipment Guide Tips for Beginners

beginner youtube video equipment tips

YouTube Video Production Equipment Guide Tips for Beginners

beginner youtube video equipment tips

You are ready to make a great video. But what should you use, where are you recording, is it bright enough? Which mic? Lighting? Editing? So many questions. Making videos can be scary, so follow us. And let’s think about the solutions, one by one.

This is a video equipment guide for beginners from a creator named Maya Washington who are ready to help you. Now we will discuss how to start the video creation process.

To become a YouTube creator, you must have basic knowledge of how to produce videos. Like creators, they have their own process according to their respective styles and goals. As we cover this important process, be sure to keep up with our tips.

Those of you who want to make videos with high quality and captivating, but there are also those who are satisfied with fast and simple videos as long as they can upload a lot of videos. As you go along, think about how you can use these tips for your future YouTube video productions.

1. The first is Camera

Here are two of the best camera options that we will discuss together here. Simple basic compact cameras and more advanced DSLRs. If you want to know more about the brand, you can check out reviews and tutorials from other YouTube creators. Before that, let’s talk about how each of these cameras work and how they can help improve your channel.

dslr compact camera

Camera compact has a price range of $ 400-$ 700 USD usually this camera is simple and easy to use. This is a great all-in-one device for periodic vlogs under any circumstances, you can also buy one that is equipped with an LED screen so you can see the results right away. Although this camera looks simple, the results are good and it looks like a 1080 HD resolution, this is the reason top creators use it for daily videos.

Now let’s compare with DSLR.
Don’t worry about the length it’s not important. What’s important is that you get a more cinematic result with a blurred and beautiful background. Therefore, DSLR cameras cost more, usually in the $500 to $2,500 USD range. DSLRs are heavier and the lenses are interchangeable. You should focus more when using it and learn more technical aspects when using it. But don’t worry, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how if you learn more.

Now you can see the difference between a compact camera and a DSLR

YouTube Video Production Equipment Guide Tips for Beginners

Before continuing with the next tip, there are other types of cameras that are just as good. A camera that everyone can use, that is cell phone camera. In terms of quality, it is different, but the results can be quite satisfying if you are good at playing it.

This choice if you are minimal budgetthen the cellphone camera can also be used for temporary video production and just want to start practicing on YouTube, right away.

2. Next is Voice

beginner youtuber camera mic

You need to pay attention to this part, because this is the part where beginners usually get it wrong. While many viewers can overlook poor lighting, they can’t ignore poor video sound quality. If you are currently still using the camera’s built-in microphone, make sure you are within 1 to 1.2 meters of the camera and if you want to move further away, you should set up more advanced options. Namely an additional mic.

This example is a microphone shotgun, it can record sound that costs around $150 to $250 USD. This microphone has a directional recording feature. So, wherever the microphone is pointed, that direction will record the sound.

As long as your camera has an external microphone port, you can plug it in. However, what if the recording process is wider?

That’s the time to use mic this, wireless lavalier microphone, or ‘lava‘. Lav kits can range in price from $200 to $600 USD, which is quite expensive. But if you need to be a bit away from the camera, then that’s the solution. Lavalier is also useful when you are in a noisy place.

We also still have recommendations or other alternatives that are quite good. If you want to be even more sophisticated and want a cinematic approach, try using a boom type microphone. These microphones will require someone to hold the mic above your head, using a device called a boom pole while recording.

The sound quality is very good, but you also need to have a large crew. But most creators are quite satisfied with shotgun or lav mics. Both record well, although one is superior depending on what is being recorded and the location.

However, it all depends on you as the creator.

3. Next Lighting (Lighting)

This is very important because it is what will help you showcase your most important asset: yourself. Most creators use lighting similar to this one.

youtube video lighting

This is a 2 point light system, there are two softbox that illuminates your face. An important tip from us, especially if you overheat easily, is to use LED or fluorescent lamps. You can also light up the background or do a little experimentation. The important thing is, show off your best side.

The soft box reflects soft light, not the glare that is the advantage. For your face, make sure you use a soft light so the light will spread evenly and look charming. That is the reason why the lamp is given a lampshade.

Another alternative to soft light is ring lights. Ring lights are very useful to illuminate the entire face and make your eyes glow. Our final lighting option is not only the brightest, it’s also free of charge. For example, there are many creators who just sit in front of the window with sunlight to illuminate it.

But of course this is limited to daytime hours, but this can be one of the easiest and cheapest alternatives to make you look bright. Of all of them, which one is the best? According to your needs, the choice is yours.

4. The last stage is: Editing

youtube video editing

Editing is like puzzle, you will take video clips and put them together into your story. It might get a little technical, but there’s no need to be afraid. Make sure first that you know this Latest YouTube Algorithm, Long or Short Video.

If you are a beginner, there are many good programs that are probably already on your computer. For example, if you use a Mac, it includes the iMovie application or Windows Movie Maker if you use a PC.

It’s best to focus on simple cutting techniques first. That way, you can cut parts of your favorite clips by dragging them and pasting them together with others. After that, learn how to use transitionmusic, and effect.

After mastering the basics, you can buy more advanced software. Some creators use Adobe Premiere, Final Cutor Avi You can choose according to your budget and needs.

Indeed, new creators usually use the free ones, but remember, you have alternatives. If you want more specific recommendations for the brand or model, please find as many references as possible.

Before that, one more tip. Don’t wait until the equipment is perfect, start now. Practice with what you have and get better with every video.

Hope these tips from us help you get started on YouTube.
Do you have any other interesting suggestions that we haven’t covered yet?

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