Zaskia Gotik is pregnant with her second child, the child continues to be happy until she cries a lot


Happiness is shrouding Zaskia Gotik’s little family. The 31-year-old artist is expecting her second baby with her husband, Sirajuddin Mahmud Sabang.

The news that Zaskia Gotik was pregnant with this second child apparently received an unexpected response from Zaskia’s continued child, Aqila Ramadhani Sirajuddin.

In the video that Sirajuddin shared on Instagram Stories on Tuesday (1/2/2022), his daughter was seen giving her mother a hug. She burst into tears after opening the small box containing the two-lined test pack that Zaskia had given her.

Sirajuddin deliberately did not provide written information in the video. He only wrote three question marks while tagging Zaskia Gotik and her daughter.

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“Why is Qila crying?” asked Sirajuddin in the video, quoted on Wednesday (2/2/2022).

“Qila.. Hu Hu Hu..,” replied Qila stammering as she continued to cry.

“Hey.. why is it crying?” said Sirajuddin while being intrigued by his daughter’s response.

Speechless Pa.. Qila added younger brother..” said Qila who finally answered.

Seeing Aqila’s emotional reaction, Zaskia Gotik couldn’t hold back her tears. He also repeatedly wiped his tears while hugging Aqila. Meanwhile, his son, Arsila, was acting cute, she just stared at her brother’s reaction while holding her test pack the mother.

For Mother to know, Zaskia Gotik gave birth to her first child on November 7, 2020. During the course of her pregnancy, Aqila seemed enthusiastic about welcoming her sister.

Sirajuddin Mahmud’s daughter is known to be close to Zaskia Gotik. When Zaskia was pregnant with her first child, Aqila was even invited to choose her sister’s name, Mother. Read the continuation on the following page.

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