Zaskia Sungkar’s Story Had Feeling Pain When He Was Asked When She Was Pregnant


Zaskia Sungkar and Irwansyah can’t hide their happiness since becoming parents, Mother. The presence of their baby, Ukkasya Muhammad Syahki, who was born in March 2020, further completes their domestic life.

Zaskia and Irwansyah waited for Ukkasya in their midst for a very long time, Mother. The two have waited almost 10 years to have a baby.

Now when Ukkasya is present, Zaskia and Irwan admit that they are very happy. In fact, they still do not think and believe in the sustenance that God has entrusted to them.

“So far, I see as an aunt, yes. I think my nephews are like my own children,” he said, quoted from Acha Septriasa YouTube channel, Thursday (27/1/2021).

“Seeing the growth and development even though it’s not 100 percent, really in my heart it’s always like ‘Maybe not, huh? Can I do it or not? feel like that, watching my own child’s development.”

“Yes Alhamdulillah, Masha Allah Tabarokallah. With God’s approval, this year we can see Ukasyah’s development firsthand. Seeing those breastfeeding days, it’s delicious. Can’t be paid for anything. It’s an extraordinary pleasure as a mother, Masha Allah,” she said.

Likewise Irwansyah, Mother. The actor and singer who was born in Jakarta 36 years ago also felt the same thing. Even to this day, he still does not expect to have a child.

“Sometimes when I want to sleep, I look her face. Still asking, this is my child, right? I didn’t think so,” said Irwan with a smile.

Zaskia and Irwan’s struggle to have children is indeed very big. As long as both of them are still focused on working on it, there are many questions that indirectly hurt their feelings.

The questions are of course about ‘When do you have children’. For them, these questions are too many and too frequent, so that over time it makes them hurt.

“We’ve been like being interviewed. ‘When do you have children’, and so on. We answered, ‘Just pray’. Until, ‘It’s okay to ask. It hurts, you know…'” recalled Zaskia

“It’s like a feeling of boredom that’s still there. Questions we don’t really answer.”

“If we can, for example, want to have children today and we can, yes we can. But we can’t, it’s beyond our capabilities as humans, I see,” he continued.

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