Zero Waste, Four Ways That Help You Get Rich – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Maybe some of you are familiar with what zero waste is, because it develops in social media or mass media. Zero waste is a contemporary lifestyle that aims to protect the environment. The only thing that sets them apart is the way to achieve that goal.

The hashtag #zerowaste itself has been used 7.5 million times by Instagram users. Because many influencers, activists, communities, and even companies embrace this zero waste lifestyle. Here are four ways to get rich through zero waste.

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Reducing the Use of Single-use Plastics

Illustration of a shopping bag (Photo: Okezone)

The first way to become rich is through zero waste, namely reducing the use of single-use plastics. You can replace it with plastic bottles, food containers, or shopping bags that can be used many times. With this Friend Zone has helped the movement to care for the environment.

Buy because you need, not because you want

Illustration of buying goods (Photo: Random Blogger)

The second way to get rich is through zero waste, namely buying something because you need it, not because you want it. Many buy things for reasons that don’t make sense or are hungry for the eyes, including Mimin too…

Actually, to distinguish which items are really needed and which ones just want to buy it. This behavior already reflects a waste of money. Therefore, when going to buy goods, try to apply the SKS principle (before, when, after).

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Join the Zero Waste Challenge on Social Media

Picture of zero waste challenge (Photo: Seventh Generation)

The third way to become rich through zero waste is to follow challenge on social media. By using the hashtags #zerowasteid31days, #mulaidarilemari, or #makanbijaksana. The goal is for Zone Friends to get more inspiration related to daily activities what you can do to love the environment.

Saving from Waste Saving Results

Illustration of saving (Photo: Tribunnews)

And the last way to get rich is through zero waste, namely saving from the results of saving waste. It sounds trivial, but at least you can save expenses for one year.

That way, you have included financial management from simple things. And the money can be used for various other needs that are more important and urgent.

Zero Waste, Four Ways That Help You Get Rich

That’s a review of zero waste, four ways that can help you become rich. Happy Saturday and have a great weekend everyone!

Hopefully this review is useful for Zone Buddy. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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