zip when Installing CMS in cPanel

Problem Required PHP extension not found : zip this appears when i’m making tutorial How to Install OpenCartso this is the cause of failed install CMS Opencart via cPanel with Auto Installer Softaculous.

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PHP Extension xip not found cpanel Softaculous

Why does the Error Required PHP extension not found : zip appear

Actually I forgot that yesterday when I installed WordPress I upgraded PHP to PHP version 8 in cpanel, so here I immediately come to this conclusion extensionI haven’t set it yet… wkwkwk

So, to solve this problem, it’s very easy, my friends and I intentionally made this in a new post, how to solve CMS installation errors in the cpanel auto installer, especially Softaculous.

The Process of Finding Solutions to Overcome PHP Extension not Found

We can make PHP extension not found : zipas a map to solve this problem..

here it’s like a technician… hehe, let’s take the key PHP extensions

means Obviously, the problem lies in the php extension and here is another bright spot where it is zip not found Well here it is, this is the bright spot of this problem which has actually been shown.

So how to solve it, I immediately thought that I changed the PHP VERSION yesterday, OK? this tutorial

Hehe, I upgraded to version 8, yesterday I saw the extension settings, the problem is that it connects right away…

How to step by step overcome “Required PHP extension not found : zip

1. Login cPanel

Please login first to cPanel Hosting you, after that go directly to the Software -> Select Select PHP Version (This may be different for each hosting service provider, but I don’t think it’s much different)

select php version cpanel
Select PHP Version cPanel

2. PHP Version

After that, you will be faced with the settings page PHP Version..

PHP version

That’s the proof.. hehe, I already upgrade to PHP 8.0 the newest.. than the previous one PHP 7.2 Native hihi..

It doesn’t need to be fiddled with the brain anymore, we go straight to Extensions tabthat’s where we can install/install PHP extension additional or required by a system, because when we change the PHP version, the default one is installed, but for other extensions the hosting has provided it… don’t worry…

3. Check the required PHP Extensions

So our job, just check it PHP extension that we need, then later the extension will be installed easily .. :)..

how to install extension PHP automatically

that what i circled is ZIP extension on PHP Extension what we need. Let’s just check it Zip Extensions wait for the installation process from your cPanel hosting system, until the zip message has been successfully installed.

install extension PHP zip success

It can be seen in the picture which shows that our problem is over… it’s been resolved…

Next, just do it software/CMS installation as usual..

and I have practiced it immediately worked without any problems error Required PHP extension not found : zip again..

*BTW, by installing the extension, this also increases the number of inode counts on your hosting, if you have a cheap hosting package like me, you really need a bit of calculation too… hehe, I just got the hosting picture outside.. so that it doesn’t take up a maximum of 5gb of hosting space for the package I bought… for those who don’t know what an inode is, you can read this discussion

this is the article where i found this problem.. tutorial how to install Opencart automatically in cPanel

Quote Discussion Required PHP extension not found : zip

“For Blog Writers….. sometimes the problem is a blessing, hehe… because from there, we can create content…” – Rahmancyber NET

So, hopefully useful..


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